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Paste "in place" feature gone - possible bug with "cut/paste"?

The Cut/Copy Paste (ctrl+X/C/V) feature has changed it’s behavior.
Previously “cut and paste” would put things back where they were, in the exact position.
I could hit CTRL-X and then CTRL-V into another board and “sometimes” it would paste in the exact same position…
other times it would be a few random MM off…
And now, it is not at all possible to ‘copy/paste’ anything back in the exact position it should be in.

Note- this was one of the ways we could “attempt” to control the “order” of cuts
ie: cut.paste each object one at a time to get easel to respect the “order” of cuts/engraves

Simply put: as a software developer I can only assume that this feature has been somehow lost during subversioning or updates to easel because it has never been consistent. Over 6 months or so I have noticed copy/paste seems to change its “default” behavior. sometimes I would get “lucky” and things would paste in place, but now? it seems impossible to get anything to paste in place…