Path option - inverted fill?

I hope this is the right spot – I didn’t see any posts that were similar. What I’m looking to do is take an SVG and cut everything except the image image itself. If this feature is already in, it wasn’t readily apparent :slight_smile:

a linked file would help :slight_smile:

It seems you want an invert, so whats white becomes black and what’s black to become white? As a feature, I don’t think it’s a bad request. Though, it can be done with other programs, maybe even cleaver use of combine features with like a square in easel.

I did this in other programs yes, but it seems like something that would be a great addition.

Example file:

In this case, I’d want to set the depth to leave the city skyline higher than the ‘background’

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Draw a box the size of you board and set the depth to what you want. Bring you skyline to the front and set the depth to zero. It will give you what you want.


Your project has not been shared correctly. Make sure you click “save” under the “save with a link” box.

Thanks, done.

@StuartCampbell thanks for the tip, I’ll give that a whirl. Would be nice to have a bit easier though , especially for odd shapes :slight_smile: Thanks!

Doesn’t the stamp app invert things?