Pattern for X-Carve clamps

I finally did it. I just carved through and ruined 2 of my oak X-Carve clamps. I bet nobody has ever done that :). Does anyone have a project or file to create new clamps like the ones you get here? I am not trying to take any money away from Inventables,it just seems silly to order a wood part like this when I could, potentially, just make a few more.


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Almost we all did it once. Also I hit Aluminum hold downs several times.
I believe couple of projects you can find If you search this forum.

Start using this link.

They have the drawing in DXF and a 3D model in GrabCAD. Links are on the store page for the set.

I actually just ordered their new(er?) set but have yet to use them. This is the set now offered as an option when purchasing the Xcarve.

Cool, thanks. But I would really love to be able to do this from start to finish on my own just to learn. I cannot figure out how to go from the Sketchup Model to toolpaths. ANy advice?

Sketchup has a plugin that can export your parts in SVG - info found here :

From there you can import the SVG into Easel or your favorite CAM tool and create the toolpaths.

I have runined 2 of my clamps already. I also bored a hole 3/4 " all the way through.
I accidentally held the shift key when trying to move in the Y axis and drove the bit down.
fortunatly nothing was broken and the hole is all the way in the back where I usually do not put anything. and it was not on a hold down hole.

Just a random thought I had recently regarding clamping…

Sometimes when clamping from the side with a cam clamp or the like my work piece wants to lift off of the table. Has anyone tried using a side clamp with biscuit glued into it and a corresponding notch in the side of the material when you need complete surface clearance on the work piece?

I don’t have a biscuit cutter, or I would have already tried this out!

Here’s one solution from Youtuber Jeremy Schmidt - it’s not an X-Carve but the same principles could apply. Details start at about 10:50.

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