Paul Kaplan gear generator

How to get the shaft hole using the Paul Kaplan gear generator

Not sure what you mean?, after you click import it should be there unless you set the axle size to zero

When I cut the outline of the gear, the teeth show, but the center hole is very light and it does not cut a hole.

set the depth of cut for the hole to the same as the gear

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Should I cut the teeth on the inside of the line also. I will give it a go, I thought the teeth
looked too narrow. Thanks for the tip.

Darrell Smith

I am unable to pick each entity separately, so I can set the teeth outside and the shaft hole inside.


Is it possible to produce a gear with a specified Dia. and a shaft hole with a specified shaft Dia.?

I think it depends on what your trying to do with the gear. If you just want to cut a gear for aesthetics i’d just resize the object.
If however your making a mechanism you’ll need the teeth to mesh with the next gear. The app seems to work on a fixed tooth pattern so to resize the gear you need to reduce the number of teeth. Less teeth smaller gear more teeth large. Now calculating what dia the gear will be will require some maths, but generally if your making a mechanism you’d be more interested in ratio between the gears which comes down to the number of teeth for a gear wheel (pulleys is dia)