Pause and Exit buttons disappeared

I haven’t designed anything using easel in a while, but i pretty much use it all the time to import gcode… Here recently i have noticed the pause and stop and progress area is gone…

Another thing i noticed is the name of the gcode file doesn’t update if going from one gcode file to the next… In the screenshot below the .25gcode was a file i cut about 5 carvings ago, but never closed out of the browser, and you can see the pause / stop / progress items greyed out / missing.

@Michael5 “Pause and Exit buttons disappeared” was a problem with a Easel update a few days ago. Inventables reply to the post, saying it was a update bug, came back and said it was fixed, I didn’t post to the post so I can’t find it now and I had the problem also but all working fine now. (FYI you did have to close Easel/brower and reopen to see the fix.)

BTW It’s called a Project, a Gcode file would only if you clicked “Generate g-code” and a file was saved to your PC.
I’m not seeing a problem with project names.

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here is the other post Easel update 14.09.16

Awesome! I guess i should have read on some of the other pages first :frowning:

Thanks for the help!