Pause and Unplug Spindle?

When I pause my X-Carve Pro the spindle continues to spin at full rpm. After pausing, can I unplug the spindle from the box without ruining anything like the tool path or the machine itself?

are you using the pause button within Easel or the physical pause button on the user interface controller?

I don’t have the XCarve Pro, but on the standard X-Carve the Physical button has a slightly different function than the Easel Pause, it’ll raise the spindle up when the physical button is used. I presume that the physical button on the Xcarve Pro would also pause the spindle maybe. I wouldn’t suggest unplugging the spindle to get it to stop as the spindle is supplied AC voltage and a simple arc can cause some pretty severe damage to the VFD and then it won’t work again…

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