Pause button gone

I have not used my Xcarve since last December and decided to get it up and running but noticed there isn’t any pause and stop buttons anymore. They used to be in the upper right hand corner. I tried rerunning the machine set up but no luck? Any help would be appreciated.

The pause and stop should be located on the progress bar once the cut starts.


I just use the buttons on the x controller

That is what I used to have now I don’t. I don’t have the xcontroller so I am wondering if there may be a update I missed. Thank you for your help.

I have the same issue today. I was using this quite recently. Any update on this?

I have the same issue…NEED THE PAUSE BUTTON BACK

I have that problem and using Macbook pro.

hi is this is recent issue please as im having the same problem

This was a bug that was introduced earlier today that has been resolved. If you refresh your browser you should see the pause and stop buttons as expected.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


This issue seems to be back. I am missing the pause and stop buttons on my Windows 10 / Chrome Browser system ( all others actually)