Pausing a cut

So my wife is now officially screaming at me to turn off my carve at 33%. Gesh…

I paused it and turned off the router but left the xcarve and laptop on. Is that a good approach to start where it left off in the morning?

Did you pause it by actually pushing the pause button in the UI or on the X-Controller? If so, just start the spindle and click play. It should continue where it left off.

Also found out that Pausing via the UI and the X-Controller behave differently. UI will just stop the spindle from moving, but the X-Controller will stop the spindle moving, but will raise the spindle up.

I paused it with the UI (easel pro). Then turned off the spindle. X-Controller is still on and the laptop is still on.

Yep, you should be good then. Turn the spindle on, and click Play. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I wish their was a save feature so I don’t need to keep the stuff on all night.

I don’t think that would be really possible. Turning off the X-Controller will lose the spindle position, and “releases” the motors which allows the x-carve to easily slide.

It’s been a while but I’ve had some bad and some good experiences doing this. A few times I came back to the carve process having stopped on its own and the project ruined. Never did figure out why. Just part of Easel’s working sometimes and sometimes not I guess. Good luck.

I could always start from the beginning, crank up the speed and then slow it down again near where it left off…

Not if it stops and you lose your zero, unless you have some way arranged to find zero again.

There’s that… I had that thing plugged in right to the edge but even if its off by a little, it will suck.

That’s the issues I had. No way to find zero, so projects ruined. It has worked sometimes though, but I don’t trust it anymore.

If you home and use Easel, your position is saved in EEPROM so all you need to do is home then tell Easel to use the last position.

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EEPROM is memory in the X-Controller? Sorry Newbie

Yes, It is memory that maintains its value through power cycles.

got it thanks

bump stops and G28

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Hahaha man oh man theres some wisdom.

Im new here. do I have to leave the laptop and program open all night and the machine to pause in the middle of a carve?

Or can I shut down the computer take it back in the house and then start again the next day?

1 - It need to stay on / keep the USB connection valid for Pause/Resume to work.
Optionally divide one big carve into smaller sub-carves.
With a known reference point, like homing switches your work zero persist between power cycles. (Until another work zero is chosen)
So prior to first sub-carve, do a homing cycle, select your work zero position and carve.
If you have powered down for the day, and setup again next day, you re-home and use previous work zero.

2 - Easel do not support this workflow.

Thank you for the help.