Pausing issues

I would love to be able to pause a job open the door and vacuum halfway through.

However when I pause, open the window then close the window and unpause the spindle starts to spin tool head moves back down in the z axis but then the job doesn’t resume. Just sits there with the bit spinning.

Any idea if I am experiencing a bug? or is the software not set up to do this?

Happens here too. Pretty sad feeling when you don’t realise your lovely little job was unintentionally borked.

They seemed to have fixed this with a recent update.

We have pushed a fix for the bug but it requires you to download a new local sender version 0.2.6 available here: (its still in testing) and see if that fixes the issue.

Worked for me.

Worked! Thanks

@PhilJohnson It was an issue with the behavior of the physical button on the Carvey.