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How did you make sure your measurements were what you needed in easel?

I’m not sure what you are asking. Are you talking about the graphics or the letters?

I was trying to ask about the drawers for the little cabinet u made. Without easel having a measurement tool how do you draw out the precise size you need for something. Very new to cnc. Sorry

Keep looking at some of the videos. You can chose the select the size and you can use the grid to move components exactly where you want them. I use this a lot. I’ll help you any way I can. If you have a specific question I’ll try to answer it or I’ll do a video to explain. Whatever I can do to help you get started on the right path


Here is a video I did a couple months ago using Inkscape and easel

Today I remade the sign with a number of changes. It was easier and used two stage carving


Per request of a forum member, I have uploaded a video on the collet and how best to secure the bit. I also would like to start a discussion on best practices. This way we all can learn and improve our skills and knowledge


How do you cut out a piece without drilling holes in it to hold it down?

@Aeverett.ocd. I use three methods. 1 clamps 2 vacuum table. 3 tape and ca glue.

I just stumbled to this page today and cant get over all your great projects! I recently subscribed to your You Tube channel not knowing you had this going in here to! I don’t have a x-carve yet but hope to maybe when black Friday comes or tax return season :smile:.

I make hand routed clocks at the moment (hope to make cnc routed soon) but painting has always been a challenge. I can easily manage one color and stain just because I can sand off the excess and stain over everything but when it comes to multi colors that’s another story.

(If this is explained somewhere else on here please let me know and I will find it eventually) Would you mind explaining your process of paining something like the Law Office sign or any other multi colored sign? Are you paining or spraying the background red then covering it using masks and carving through the mask and then painting the different areas so you don’t get bleed through and then removing the mask to get crisp lines? My issue is getting those nice crisp lines.

Is everything routed then just carefully hand painted?

Could you make a painting video on your channel?

Love everything, keep up the great work!

@BenjaminLipinski. There are several methods that I use when painting a sign. Some are hand painted while others are sprayed. The law office sign was an exact copy of the business card including all the colors. This one was hand painted. First, I carved everything. It required tiling because the sign was larger than the 1000mm XCarve. Once carved, I sanded everything and then sealed the wood. I used shellac. Sand this also as the grain will raise. I started with the pocket (lowest point) first. The red was color matched from the business card and was a interior paint sample bottle from Lowe’s. Yes, House Paint. All the other colors were acrylic paints.

I have planned several videos on the painting process. Some of my videos show simple paint methods, ie “growth chart” and the “Paw Paw’s Workshop YouTube” sign. The coasters from floor samples is another easy method. Check out that video also. The new videos will be coming out soon as I get more into Christmas gifts

Thank you for subscribing to my channel.

This explains it very well


@LanceCameron @BenjaminLipinski. This is similar to one of the ways that I finish a sign. I do not use oil paint. I use acrylics and wipe off the excess with water. Much less mess to deal with.

Painting Technique. I use several different methods. I uploaded a video on one method where I finishe the material first. This is oak so I had to fill the wood surface first


@PhillipLunsfordanother good video!


Wooden puzzles for the grandkids


DXF video showing the new feature and taking it from upload to carve in minutes


PDF to svg to plane test. Carved the wooden parts. Much better than cutting be hand

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Adding army logo to rustic flag build


Watched it on you tube last night, very nicely done!