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Wooden puzzles for the grandkids


DXF video showing the new feature and taking it from upload to carve in minutes


PDF to svg to plane test. Carved the wooden parts. Much better than cutting be hand

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Adding army logo to rustic flag build


Watched it on you tube last night, very nicely done!


Many people have asked for the file to do the stars. I created a file in Easel to share to everyone and I also did a video on how I created the file. Here is the link:

I also put it into the project section on

Here is the video


Phil is this the one from your most resent flag video? Liked how quickly those carved. The ones I use in my flags are a nightmare.

@SteveMoloney. No. In the video I use the gcode from Vcarve Desktop. This video was in response to so many people asking for the file. Easel toolpath takes about twice the time


Had to chuckle after reading your thread on stopping at the wood store after your doc appt. LOL

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New video using the Radial Array Appin Easel to create the stars for a Betsy Ross flag. Also went into some detail about x,y home position for workpiece and machine. Attempted to answer some recent questions about centering workpiece to carve in center of workpiece and home being the center as well.


Another informative video for sure.I watched the video on YouTube last night.I did not realize there was an APP to change the actual shape of the stars! Now if I could just figure out the circular text app all will be good.


Here is a video on the circular app. Hope that is will help someone out there

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Good job very down to earth and easy to follow.

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Thank you

Thanks Phil! another great video, I watched it last night, I will try it soon to see if it works that well for me!

That was SUPER helpful on the circle text app. I had at one point tried to do a custom end of a shotgun shell for a design and gave up on it because I couldn’t get the text to circle correctly. Will try it again!

Related question … I in general feel like the text in Easel is too tight together. Was hoping to use the spacing aspect of the circle generator and set radius to zero (or something) to be able to loosen the letter spacing in a straight line of text, but that doesn’t work. Is there a way to adjust the letter gap and I just never found it?

@DrewKasel if moving the gap of the letters does nwork. Try using the exploder app first to separate the letters and then bring them into the circular app

This may or may not work for you application, but I found this site does a really good job of putting text in a circle and spacing it right.

I just did a bitmap trace into easel of whatever it generated.

My question was about increasing the letter gap in a normal straight line of text, and was trying to hack the circle generator to make that work.

The exploder app and then manually move each one may be the next best option to achieve that. I just feel that the default letter spacing is too tight in Easel in most cases. Just trying to find a simple and efficient way to do it. (Wasn’t meaning to hijack the thread … if there isn’t a simple way, I’ll make a post in the Features section.)

Qi k video on bump stops. This is a project that can be found in the inventables projects. This was one of the first projects that I did a couple years ago. It was time for more because on some up coming videos