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Had the same problem with the same bit Phil and broke 2 of them. I thought maybe there was a problem in making them.

You may be right. I never expected a break like this.

I quite using that bit after 2 of them broke. They were both broke up in the collet just like yours.

Thank you, I do not plan on replacing this bit. Have you ever had the ash remain on a painted engraved surface?

Yes it happens all the time. You have to be pretty careful or it will smear all over the finished project. Ussually a damp rag will wipe it up.

Thank you. This was a first for me. I did not want to wipe it off because I wanted the heavy black image to remain. It took two coats to completely seal it.

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A Veterans Day thank you


Happy Veterans Day and Thank You for your service Phillip.
Phillip I have some fonts that work great for laser engraving, I can send them to you if you don’t have them They also work good on the XCarve. Let me know


@RussellCrawford Awesome! That would be great if you could send them to me. Thank you very much.

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More learning with the laser. I wanted to see if I can cut through 3mm plywood with the laser. Also, did a simple indexing layout to do a small production run. I having a great time with the laser and the XCarve. It is so easy to switch from one program to another (Lightburn to Easel)


Phi the laser is in my future to purchase, thanks for doing the videos! , next up for me n the very near future is a drum sander and planer.


Great Video. I’d like to suggest the possible use of a 1/4" downcut bit. It would be long enough and would give you a very clean cutout. Since you have plenty of waste material around the cutout, I think you would have no problems using the larger bit and you would get the benefit of a downcut shearing action.

Also another idea for hold down is to use a thicker waste board and in the safe areas of the project waste, actually use 1-1/4 bugle head screws to hold it down. That would alleviate the warp concern in the center of the piece and would also hold it down flush. I use this method whenever I can.


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Phil, great information first off. I enjoy reading your posts and looking at your videos. I just bought a J-Tech and was wondering if you would be willing to add your Easel laser sign to the project folder.

Thanks again for your time and effort in helping others.


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@DavidRToletti. Yes, I would be happy to do it for you

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With my J Tech Photonics laser I engraved a name on a round pen blank. Complete success. Here is a video. Start at 6:00 for that process.


@DavidYerkes I have uploaded the Laser sign into the Inventables project. I hope you enjoy it.

Nice video Phil keep up the good work.

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Thanks Wayne. Merry Christmas to you and your family

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Same to you Phil and keep that grandson interested in the shop.

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Going to watch it tonight, all your videos are great! the laser is my next purchase.