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Paying for pro for over 30"

what is this crap that we need to pay for pro if we go over 30" on our machines i have a 6’x12’ and noe i need to buy pro to use it

I think your trying to use the built in tiling feature maybe?

The Tiling feature will be turned on automatically when the user sets the material size longer (Y) than the Machine Size (Y).

You can simply go in and turn off the tiling when you open up the material size drop down and then the requirement for Pro is removed. There are plenty of videos on how to manually Tile without using the built in feature if you do not wish to pay for the Pro capabilities.

Notice that my carve is longer than the work area and I haven’t activated Pro. I did this by leaving my workpiece set to less Y than my work area…

but even if the workpiece is larger, you’d just open workpiece and deactivate tiling and pro goes away.

I had the same issue come up but when I disabled tiling it still showed up as being Pro. I finally just dropped the size to under 30 and Pro went away.

This is interesting and might be an issue that was introduced with the Tiling feature. I have never known regular Easel to have that type of size limit, and if it has been introduced purposefully, it has been done so under the radar. IMO, if it was purposeful then it should be changed back to allow any size material/machine (within reason obviously) as long as the Tiling feature is not being used.

Here are the listed Easel vs. Easel Pro features…

To get around this while we wait for an answer just break your project up into smaller pieces that do not trigger the Pro pickup, and do some manual tiling as has always been done prior to the Tiling feature being implemented.


Brandon Parker

I am able to run over 30 without it activating pro.

running at 36" material and longer even design. tiling comes on and activates pro, I turn off tiling and pro goes away…

Can you go to Projects>Share and change the type from Private to Unlisted and share the project link in here so we can see your exact project issues. Thanks!

I went back and changed to longer than 30 inches and now when I switch the tiling off the Pro goes away. I am not sure what the issue was now. It has been a week or two since I did the project.

I just changed my machine advanced settings to 6’ x 12’.that is what my new build is and it is gone now.

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I can not replicate the issue either no matter what I changed my machine, material, or design to be as long as Tiling is disabled.

I supposed we can presume that some “Pro” feature was activated other than Tiling unless maybe you are misremembering the events.

For now, unless the process can be duplicated, we will call this resolved. :slight_smile:


Brandon Parker

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I think we are ok. We had other people say they had the same thing happen.