Pc compatibility

I am using an older PC and I find designing in easel a frustrating experience with the slowness of it all. I don’t know if easel is just slow or the PC I’m using is the culprit. Is anyone else having slowness problems while designing projects in Easel or is it just me?

What kind of PC do you have? You know - things like specs, Windows version, etc.

It is an old Dell that I have upgraded to windows 7. It has a 3ghz cpu and 4 gig of ram.

I had this problem. I was using an old Dell with about the specs you have, but more memory. I was using Internet Explorer. Forum members suggested using Chrome and it was a little faster, but still too slow for me.

I moved to my hotrod I7 machine and still found it too slow.

I don’t use Easel.

so is there ANY pc spec that is good to use for running an xcarve ? seems like most of us are using different machines with different specs but a general spec would be good info to have

I started out having this problem. It turned out my graphics card was to slow. It’s not as much about the cpu speed or ram as it is about how well your machine can handle the graphics. I upgraded my machine on Ebay for $200 and BAM, I’m back in the game!!

so what did you get on ebay dennis ??

HP 8530w, it is a 15.4" screen with a nVidia dedicated graphics card that will be able to easily render the 3d graphics, with a 2.53GHz processor, 4gb RAM, 120gb HD, Windows 7 Home Premium and a DVDRW.