PC intermittently finding x-carve

Help please!
I did my first test on Saturday night and all went well, I did a few practice things and was pleased. So Came to start having another practice session on Sunday using a laptop and the machine couldn’t be found. I decided to try and use the original pc to see if it was a voltage issue but the same issue happened and it wouldn’t connect. After a few choice words, a change of the usb cable and a read of the forum I couldn’t find a way around it.
I came to use the machine this morning and low and behold the machine worked, I did a couple more practice carves (this was using the original pc) - Great!. After lunch I came back to the machine and tried to set it up with my laptop again but no - wouldn’t connect yet again. I went back to the original pc that I was using just an hour or so before and it still wouldn’t find the machine!.

When I plug the usb cable in on both computer and laptop they boing to say its recognised something’s there and the motors engage so I’m guessing power is getting to the machine but when I try to set up the machine to actually do something it wont go past the “plug in your machine and turn on” page. I don’t understand how sometimes it works and others it doesn’t - temperamental springs to mind!

Which operating system are you using? If it’s windows 7 the you may need to install an older version of Easel

If you’re not already doing so, I would obtain a powered USB hub…that usually solves that problem.

thank you,
I am running windows 7 so I shall try the older version. I have read in other posts that people have been using the powered usbs so I shall try that to.
Much appreciated.

yeah thats werid I have never had any problems connecting my X-carve to the computer I would try that powered hub and lets us know how it works out because i am wanting to get one for my machine

If you are using X-Controller, then this might be the problem.

I had the same problem. My solution so far, is that the black and whites wire from my z limit switch was the problem. I tried several of the solutions on the forum, but after talking with tech. support I moved the limit switch wires and there you go, problem solved. I was using windows 7 then upgraded to 10, thinking this might work. I only had to move the wires near the limit switch, no cutting or re-positioning just pushed them out of the way. I went to Home Depot and bought 2 wire shielded security wire and going to replace the black and white limit switch wire next. I am new to X-Carve and this forum is outstanding. I just want to add this, tech. support has been excellent. I deal with equipment at work and know that good tech. support is a must and Inventables has provided a solution every time I have called. In my opinion they have the best support I have seen for the X-Carve.

I had an intermittent problem too. After I set the port baud rate to 115K, it never happened again. I think sometimes the computer and Arduino would auto negotiate the rate and sometimes not.

ive had this problem for a month now. talked to another tech at inventables this afternoon. they are sending me another arduino board. this will be the 4th one counting the first one i ordered in july 2015. did the powered usb hub work?

Sorry its taken me so long to come back to you. Thank you for the help, it appears with my machine that running the 2.2 version of the software has solved the issue. I do have a powered USB just in case BUT fingers crossed so far I haven’t had to use it. (hope I haven’t just jinxed it!)