PCB bit selection + Info


I am trying to determine, which bit is best for my PCB carving or manufacturing.

My project is not large at all (simple job), has wide traces and is my first PCB take so I kept is simple.

Can anyone suggest what is a good pick for milling tool and why?

I have the inventables PCB milling bits.

Also. On some test runs I see some copper chipping when engraving. The carving is not clean. I am using flat cam with a dewalt router. Also RPM suggestions would be welcomed as well as federate values.

Have you searched the forums at all? There is plenty of discussions already on the subjects.

I have used 20deg V-bits that gave good result.
Also tried 0.6mm flat bit which was also used to make 0.8mm holes, this bit acted as a “do-it-all” for my sample.
A touch-up with abrasive pad may be warranted though to remove any fringed edges but that is a simple procedure.

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I have. Couldn’t find it! Sorry to bug!

Do you have a link to the source or a part number to order?

This is a thread on a challenge on carving PCB: https://discuss.inventables.com/t/tip-jar-bounty-500-claimed-by-johnledden-fine-pitch-pcb-milling/8904/25

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