PDF file conversion, Please take pity on an OAP

I know this subject has been done to death but I’m still having problems importing files from Inkscape. I open up a pdf document in Inkscape remove all the unnecessary parts by ungrouping and then deleting all the parts not required. I ungroup multiple times to makes sure there are no hidden parts or text. I then convert the file to an .svg file and save. When I try to import it into Easel and then change the cut type it tells me that there are unconnected paths.
I have searched this Forum and the Internet for the solution. I have tried various methods and sometimes they work but most of the time they do not and I’m beginning to get frustrated with it all.
Is there anyone out they that would be able to help this retiree (in the UK) by explaining in idiots terms exactly what I need to do to get around this problem. I have a machine sitting there which is slowly gathering dust.
If possible would that person be able to do it on a one to one basis

Can you share the file?

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cosmos-fighter.pdf (2.9 MB)
Hop I have attached it correctly. Its just pages 21 - 23 that I’m using.
If it doesant work I will try to save the pages seperately

drawing-3.pdf (62.4 KB)
Hi Neil
Have uploaded just a single page

I don’t use Inkscape but this will let you start working with it in the meantime.

I suspect it’s similar to AI. Once you get on the page only the lines you want, you have to join (or weld i think its called in Inkscape) to close the paths.

cosmos-fighter_svg.zip (8.4 KB)

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The operation in Inkscape is the same as @MechanicalGoose used in Illustrator. You want to join nodes. There’s a lot of extra stuff in that pdf. Once you get rid of it, you can use the same procedure I used here:

I ended up with this:


I’ll get the net to land that fish.


Many thanks for all your help. I think I have finally cracked it! I’ll keep on working on it and keep making sawdust.
Thanks again.