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I’ve purchased a Pledge of Allegiance file from Etsy and downloaded it but Easel will not except it because its a PDF file, I’ve trying using several online conversion programs to convert it to a SVG file or something that Easel will except. HELP!!!

Send it to me an I will convert it for you

now is a good of a time as any to learn to convert.

if you send it to someone then next time you will be in the same positions.

I would recommend Inkscape for the simple reason it is free and it is no harder to use than any other program, as a matter of fact it has a very simular work flow and user interface… you can buy others like illustrator or corel draw which will do the same.

the problem with online conversion programs is that they try to figure out what the end product is that you want and you have very little control over the results. with a local install program you convert and tinker until you get the results you need. then you save the file and can also modify as needed later.

for reference an image is pixels (small blocks) of color that all form an image

an SVG is a vector which is just the two points in space and the path to get from one point to the other, then you can control the thickness of the line and the color of the line and the fill of the space between the two points. this is why so many programs prefer SVG over an image because they plot between the two points and have no way to interpret the little blocks of color that the image has but can plot between the two points of the vector graphic.

I hope this explanation helps and that you can get on the right mindset of how the machine interprets the images,

please do ask if you need more or any questions about which path you choose.


PofA-flag.pdf (867.0 KB)
Here is the file good luck and thank you for your help.

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I opened the PDF and nothing will convert it to an SVG, its an image “jpeg” I opened it up in Corel and did a trace and saved it as an SVG.
When you purchase anything off of Etsy or any other store make sure its an SVG or in some vector format.
Good Luck