Peace sign

Here’s what I’m trying to do taking a 3 1/2 square of wood and what to put a 3 inch peace symbol but where I set the machinf up it cuts to one side instead of in the middle of block. Can somebody tell me what I’m doing wrong

I mark the center lines of the board to create and find my center. Then I put my zero on that dot, thus creating a circle 3" in diameter from the center of the board. Make sure you put the center of your design at X= 0 and Y=0.

If you’re zeroing on the lower left corner and designing in Easel, enter your material settings into Easel, select the entire design and select Edit -> Center to Material.

If not this, then you need to provide quite a few more details.

Phil thanks for the help but its still not putting my peace symbol in center seen to be off about 1/8 each way side to side and up and any suggestions. I’ve tried off setting the bit like just a hair off wood worked one time not the next this is driving me crazy. I’ve more projects than this that I want to do but seems to me till I get center everything is gonna be off. Hope you can help me PLEASE

Thanks for the help

Paul thank you so much it worked great now may sound silly but is this the way to do with all projects. And if I run into trouble do you mind if I contact you understand if you say no but again thanks

thanks Phil now I’m running into another problem as the machine cuts out peace symbol is leaving a small line of wood between the outer edge and the rest of design any ideas

I got that figured out I hadn’t set machine up right. But I want to start carving on an oval shape that I got a hoppy lobby. I marked center set everything up like I did for a square but when I hit carve machine goes away from my material what am I doing wrong ,