Peelable mask coating

So while playing around on YouTube, I stumbled upon an interesting product that is touted for laser marking but looks like it could be useful for masking when doing cnc work. A site called laserbits has a product called liquamask it is a bit pricey but looks like it would last awhile. Searching for more info, I came across the owners post on a wood working forum and he had this to say;
“The down side to the LiquaMask is the drying time and that it is not recommended for bare, uncoated wood. Customers have reported major reductions in drying time by using a fan, not heat, to dry the liquid coating. As for bare uncoated wood, there is not a great solution for that right now but our team has been working a special formulation for this application.”

The same thread was comparing liquamask to this product which is cheaper.

Anyway I thought I would share the find and see if anyone has used it or thinks it is something better than tape masking.