Pen Stand - Maple and Acrylic

Built this one over the weekend as a prototype for future builds. The base is maple, the stands are .093 acrylic. All design and programming was done in Fusion 360, controlled with ChilliPeppr. 3/32nd bit for the acrylic slots, 1/4" downspiral for all other cutting. The outer edges were lightly sanded with 240 to remove any remaining cutter marks, the finish is semi-gloss lacquer, after sanding the flat faces with 150 and 320 with the random orbit sander. (I have a Shelix cutter in the planer, that does an AWESOME job but leaves a tiny bit of a ‘wavy’ surface that needs a light sanding to eliminate)

The acrylic was cut with my laser.


How many watts is the epilog?

30W, a Mini-18. :slight_smile:

I have the mini 24 40W and wish I got more power :slight_smile:

I’ve thought the same from time to time, mine will hold up to the 40W tube, but lacks the double PSUs to use the heavier tubes. When you have to replace yours, look into the more powerful tubes! Your -24 will host bigger ones than my -18 will.