Pencil Icon

Where is the Pencil icon, it is not showing up with the rest of the Icons at the top Left.

If you mean the Pencil Icon in Easel, it was removed a while back due to technical problems it was having.


ooooo yeah?? what was the pencil icon for back in the day? I guess that was before my time

Duh, what’s a pencil???

Lol. Sorry, couldn’t resist. With technology the way it is, I am Just waiting for the day to hear a kid ask that question. Lol.

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Yes, I was talking about Easel. Being new to the forum I assumed the topic would indicate that I was talking about Easel. Easel is new to me and I was trying to draw a straight line. Went to the help page and under the design section it shows a pencil icon along with the triangle, circle, and other icons. For those who don’t know what a pencil is, please go to the help section in Easel. Thanks for the replies.

The problem with the pencil is that as soon as you allow the user to draw a vector you need to include all the support tools that allow the endpoints of a vector to be moved joined and separated from other points. Since a toolpath can only be created from a closed vector (no open endpoints) the software also needs to be able to recognize and warn the user about open vectors.

So while adding a pencil tool seems pretty easy all the supporting software it needs makes it a lot more difficult.

Thanks Allen, The Help section needs to be revised to remove the pencil icon from the list.
I’m slow but I am learning mistake by mistake…

You certainly can create toolpaths from open-ended paths, line segments, etc. You can’t create closed shapes or pockets using groups of line segments, but you can cut open lines as lines quite easily.

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we dont use pencils lol its called a stylus…duh!!! lol

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