Per control point carve depth

been using my xcarve now for about 2 weeks. love it.

I have two ideas that i think would make easle awesome.

  1. grouping function of objects
  2. per control point depth. so say you have a square, when you are editing the control points, not only allow moving but setting the depth at each point. Then I think v-carving would be simple. a person could draw or import a single line object and create beautiful effects simply telling the bit to carve at different depths along the path.

I hope that makes sense. i know it sounds simple to do, but programming is not my game.

thank for reading, wayne

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Well actually my thought was that if it knew that point “A” was 1/2 deep and point “B” was 1/4 deep then it would slope from “A” to “B” as it moved. So in theory you could draw any single line and add point to it with selected depths along it’s path at selected points and create a v-carve effect. maybe not a true v-carve but it seems simple in theory. and since you could technically add as many point as you want to an item, you could almost sculpt using this technique. in theory that is.

Very interesting idea. I can’t see much of an application for it, but I’m sure the uses would start popping up left and right.

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it would make some of my sign work look a little nicer instead of just one depth. i would use it if it could be both straight lines and curves

I can see this being an option after they’ve more fully implemented 2.5D. Until then, try playing around with other apps like F-Engrave and import the g code to Easel.

Right now, as you know, you can only set the Z depth on discreet objects. What you’re suggesting seems like a logical extension to that. But it really depends on how the devs want to expose that functionality.