Perfect 3 Axis Zero

Using Charlie’s Triquetra Touch Plate I was able to obtain a perfect 3 axis zero location on the first try using it.

Here’s a few tips not mentioned in any of his documentation, nor could I find any in these forums.

The instructions show the X, Y, Z measurements and gives some ‘sample’ values. Don’t use those, measure your own touch plate. To get the measurements, you have to measure the entire width for the X/Y axis and then measure and subtract the raised portion from the overall widths to get the ‘cut-out’ portion measurement values. Easy enough to figure out, it’s just not documented anywhere…that I could find.

I used the downloaded Excel spreadsheet and followed the instructions Charlie gives in his video. Easy enough. Saved the GCode to a text file. You can’t import the saved GCode in Easel, doesn’t work, don’t know why. I’m hoping to figure it out.

Jog your bit over to 1/2" from the side of the touch plate as Charlie shows and then you’re ready to run the GCode. I used UGS. Connected to my XC, then opened the text file. Do this by selecting ‘Browse’ to find and open the file. Then click ‘Send’. When it finished, I clicked ‘Return to Zero’ and the spindle moved over to the zero location. Perfect!

Now, just open Easel or whatever you use leaving your bit at the zero location. When Easel asks you to ‘Probe’ for the Z-axis, just click ‘Manual’, but you won’t have to move anything; it’s already set.

Good luck! Happy Carving!

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