Perfect size Machine?

Hi everyone. I built a 1000x1000 X Carve back in summer but my space was really limited. although the machine looks capable in terms of size I personalty found it way too big for my space. plus the 1000 mm rails makes the machine inaccurate compared to smaller versions. on other hand the 500x500 mm machine only provides 30x30 cm working space which is not usable for many projects. recently I came up with the idea of combining big rails and smaller rails for Y axis and modified my machine to what you see in the picture. in my opinion there are so many benefits to this mode and still the machine can cut large pieces. let me know what do you think about this. should Inventables provide this option for customers?

That is a very useful size, but why make the unsupported X axis the long side? If you make the supported side rails long (1000mm) and the unsupported bridge short (500mm) you will have a much more rigid machine with the same usable area.


In my opinion the X axis is rigid enough to cut many projects and the weakness is on y axis. the other reason that i made the x axis 1000 is accessibility of the machine. in this case it is easier to handle the piece inside the machine if i put the machine inside an enclosure.

You did the right thing. You own it, and you’ve made it work for you. Nice job.

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