Perhaps a homing issue

When I hime my xcarve, it does the z first. It seems to go a little past where the switch engages and then very slowly backs back down, sort of fine tuning and getting right on the edge of switch engagement. It does the same thing, fine tuning, on the Y axis, but not on the X axis.

On X, it simply slews to the left and stops, no fine tuning. Is this acting as it should or do I have an issue. many thanks.


Something does sound a bit off (or most likely my memory!).
What if you home with your X-axis way off too the right and manually engage the X axis limit switch?
Does your X carriage stop moving?

Your homing pull-off setting ($27=x) may be too low for your particular X switch. Try increasing it a little.


I will check both of these things. many thanks

The X-switch may also be defective, or the soft limits a

Could you post your $130-131 values ?
In case you have soft limits active and range to short. (Homing will stop when travel exceed 150% of soft limit range)