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Personal problem?

I bought the x carve pro(last year) and bam fraud charges right after. (got new card)
Just bought the extended warranty and bam fraud charges.
Am I the only one?

I do love the pro but to much of a connection not to mention…

fraud? Huh. Not inventables
I think you need read the fine print before you make accusation that can put you in the courts.

EXHIBIT A is your posting

Edited it… I could see the “miss interpretation,” my bad. No hate with the inventables company, rather impressed with the pro! Just seeing if I’m the only one?

I’d be inclined to believe its something local to your network, ive made inventables purchases without this issue.

Ive also never heard anybody else mention any similar issues and I see close to 200 posts a day about inventables and their products :man_shrugging:


I have been around Inventables and the X-Carve ecosystem since 2015 and have never heard of anyone having fraudulent credit card purchases related to a purchase from Inventables.

I would evaluate the purchases around the same time to see if there are any other entities you interacted with both times. I would also contact the credit card company and see if they have any success tracking the fraudulent activity’s location.

I had my card skimmed at a carwash a few years ago and it only took the credit card company hours to determine that purchases were not mine once they started.


Brandon Parker


Man, I had a nail salon double swipe my CC (for the wife) because “the first one didn’t go through” and before I could walk to my car in the parking lot my phone was ringing from the bank (Navy Federal CU)… on a $40 double charge, I’m surprised they even cared :man_shrugging:

Then while having a baby on Thanksgiving I used the Kaiser Hospital WIFI for some Black Friday shopping and had my Walmart App login info swiped and purchases made (it requires matching ID to pickup, so they used their real name and from a google search I had their Address … from within 300ft from the hospital, before I even reported the issue to Walmart) I was refunded immediately and erased all CC info from that App

Being in the IT biz I would concur with Seth. This is most probably something on your local PC (virus or malware) that is capturing your credit card information. I purchase regularly from Inventables for the past three years and I have not had any problems.

You should check and see if your credit card company offers what’s called a disposable credit card. You can request a credit card number that is only used once for a specific purchase.