Phil’s linear rail Z axis upgrade

Has anyone from the UK bought one of these. are they available in the UK or something similar, how much travel should it have, I am not sure which one to get

I got one a while ago (the same one Phil ended up buying) but have not had a chance to stop my machine to fit it yet.

I did find a similar item in the uk but it was far more expensive, although it is beefier and runs a ballscrew.

Ultimately, as I plan to scratch build a much stronger machine in the near future, I decided to get a relatively cheap z axis to replace the standard one.

As far as how much travel do you need? Well it depends what you plan on doing. If you aren’t planning on doing anything very tall/thick then you don’t need a lot of travel really.
I went with the 5.75" travel Z axis as I will be raising my Xcarve soon.

For the price I couldn’t find a better z axis and I received mine very quickly (around 5 days from Georgia US to my house in England).

Even if it doesn’t last very long I imagine it is a serious improvement over stock

Thank’s for that link, yes they are expensive do you have a link to the one you got from Georgia, and were you happy with it , 5 days is pretty good for delivery, I just got a PM from a chap in Belgium who has upgraded and has one that he got from the US for sale @ 125 Euro
I have found these but am not sure if they are the right ones or not, which is why I need advice

As far as happy with it, it’s hard to say as I have not used it yet. It seems solid enough, and well made but obviously only time and use will let me know for sure.

Here is a link to the same Z axis from the same seller, although they have none for sale at the moment. It might be worth sending them a message though as they seem to list 1 or 2 every now and then.

I’m sure I read on here that they were going to stop making them, as they were getting more expensive for the parts, but not sure which topic it was in. With that in mind it might be better to contact them sooner rather than later.

As for the openbuilds z you linked, they seem to get positive reviews, but personally I wanted to move away from wheels/eccentrics. I have however used on multiple occasions and they have always been great to deal with

I can’t seem to be able to message that guy, I think the link is too old, but I did find another which is from Canada, I asked about postage and it is $80, so the total cost for me including VAT and PO charge would be £200 or just over, what do you think of that one, I did not notice that the ooznest ones had wheels, which I too want to get away from.

Personally to me that one does not seem as good as the microcarve Z but I am certainly no expert.

I found a link to microcarves profile on ebay where there is a link to send them a message

Thank’s again , I have just sent a message to them, they only seem to have one for sale at the moment, I suppose you have seen that, it is very cheap and cheap postage too

They have replied to my message and will have some more at the end of next week, he is going to let me know when they are ready, so that is good news, thank you for your help I appreciate it