Phil's Glowforge Projects

…. and Phil makes me Jealous again


Looks like you will need a device to make more hours in the day for all your projects!

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I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Phil; Stop buying new toys. I’m having trouble keeping up.

To help with the burn marks, use some blue masking tape before you cut. I’ve been too lazy to see if a quick coat of sanding sealer will help wipe the black marks away.

those have gorgeous accuracy… how fine was the detail on the red butterfly, and did that one section fail in cutting or in separation?

I especially like the layered pendant/ornament birds… never thought to do that on something that small

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oh wow, that means you’re successfully pulling cuts under 1mm in places. damn I want one now = D

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There are a lot of layered light box type patterns out there to play with.

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Nice work! I used that same birds on a branch artwork on a cutting board.
Do you envision the laser being used more than your x-carve?

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pretty cool stuff so far

So jealous I got in on the kickstarter before it was out but bailed because it was too much money to invest to wait years for a product. Turns out I would have waited over 2 years for it to finally ship so glad I cancelled but now I want one again. I was hoping by the time it was shipping there would be more competition and lower prices but it still seems ahead of the game software wise.

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I got tired of using masking tape with my laser cutter to prevent burn marks so I tend to finish the piece with lacquer or polyurethane prior to cutting. After cutting, the burn marks simply wipe off with a wet paper towel or baby wipes. It really helps on intricate pieces where there would be many smaller pieces of tape to pull off.

Finished piece with burn marks (bottom part)

After wiping down the finished bottom piece (Sorry for the blur, these photos were taken years ago)


Very nice! I have the J-Tech 3.8W laser but just got the x-carve up and running so I am waiting to install the laser. Is there a huge difference in the capabilities of the Glowforge vs. the X-carve with a decent laser attached? Certainly the laser wattage makes a difference, I’m sure.

I’m echoing @BillBlades as I’m curious as well. Maybe you should add info to the initial post? @PhilJohnson

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have you tried any anodized aluminum?

can you get any depth with multiple passes?

@PhilJohnson have you tried the mustard-stainless steel thing yet?

I can get depth with my 150W C02, but it takes multiple passes. I was curious how the glowforge does. clearly it can get through thin anodizing, which is good. Much better than the Jtech magnifying glass ( :slight_smile: ). I don’t think it’s going to punch through some tougher anodizing like Type II or Type III, though.

How long did you have to wait for delivery of your Glowforge?

Anyone see the new unit from Dremel? I’m wondering which is superior.

Is the Dremel Laser for sale yet?