Phil's help documents and Tutorials

Phil, your a gentleman and a Scholar. Thanks for all the info, very informative.


This will help a lot of people, including a rookie like myself, thanks for your time and help Phil and to everyone else for helping others on this forum.


Have you found any used for the 2 extra extrusion after upgrading the X axis ? I just upgrade the X axis to the new one piece. I also started ordering the metal for the bed upgrade.

Thank you

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Phil, I wanted to say thanks for the G28/30 tips… The “parking spots” for tool and material changes are freeking awesome. I know NOTHING about programming and I’ll admit was initially intimidated by the thought of having to change anything in the controller… Thanks to your posts, I have “parking spots” and use them constantly! Thanks again and keep up the good work!

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Good find Phil. Based on that logic, i assume you could also put text above a shape, use the zero depth on the text , and it could carve everything but the text (?)… I will try it tonight.

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Good to know! will try them both…

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@PhilJohnson- ya know Phil, I didn’t know anything about programming when I bought my machine, and now, with the help of your videos and a huge amount of your patience, I get it! I will no longer move my machine around manually, G28 and G30 are working perfect! Thanks again Phil.
@Zach_Kaplan we spoke briefly about doing some training videos for newbs, at the time I’m sure I wasn’t very clear about what videos would most beneficial, well, I think Phil hit the nail on the head with the G28 and G30, Bump stop and working in Easel and Inkscape. Simply, this what I was trying to convey to you.
Maybe this topic could go in the WIKI?


I’m confused. I’m sorry but I don’t understand the question.

I was referring to an email conversation that we had back in May. I asked you if there were videos available for newbs that cover Gcode or at least introduce the basics. I think that Phils G28&G30video is a great start and essential for to new guys to properly locate and properly move their machine. I didn’t know you could program the locations or “home” the machine until I followed Phil on his builds.
Same goes for his Easel and Inkscape videos.

Great stuff there!

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GRBL settings,

from the horses mouth :slight_smile: this will fill/phil in any gaps

Besides a nice long sit down with a pot of tea, I got some really good stuff from this Phil,
very much appreciated over here in Australia , top effort mate, bonza , true blue (thumbs up)

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Also, I’m not sure if this works for you @PhilJohnson but to get to the machine inspection window faster you can use the key combo:

Mac -
cmd + shift + d

Win - (I think it is)
ctrl + shift + d

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Phil… will I have to manually put in the inspector everytime?

How do I get to How to paint a vcarve without sanding ?

Go to the top of this page.

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Used a different bit . Worked great . But when I went to paint this happened ? Also what type of material should I be selecting for clear plexiglass ?

@PhilJohnson you have previosly said a collet adapter is rubbish. are the elaire collets are different than the precision collets inventables sells?

Acrylic sheet . Sprayed with enamel in Red then 2 weeks later tried to spray with White . Called Rustoleum , they sent me 2 new cans of spray . Trying those this week .

Rustoleum White Enamel and Red Enamel .

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8 mm

is that the correct one to buy for the smaller bits?

Awesome! Sorry for making you say it an eight time :stuck_out_tongue: Hoping this solves my jaged edge issue on my acrylic signs.

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