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I will try later tonight.
I know there are some issues with windows 8 and java and that could be the issue.
If so I will get windows 10 upgrade.

There’s no Windows / Mac version, it’s all the same. If you’re using the Classic version see the screenshot @DarrylKegg shared, on the nightly Platform build the screenshot @PhilJohnson is where it is (though the look and feel is slightly different depending on the OS).

Any clue as to why my system does not fully home.
it will fall short of the homing switch and does not alarm that homing failed.
Mainly on the X axis and all the switches are fully functional.

I just downloaded your nightly build Phil.
It has the macro tab but only 3 available. How did you get more than 3?

Just found a thread talking about the issue with homing the x axis.
Tomorrow I am going to rewire using shielded wires.
Its possible that the drivers are throwing out some stray signals.
I will also create a new proto board for the arduino for the wires to have some good solid connections.
This should fix the issue.

Forgot one main thing, make sure your maker slide is cut square, they had to send me a new one cause it was cut badly. even the new one isn’t great, I am taking it to a machine shop to have it cut perfectly.

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re: sign price calculator. The prices calculated in the XL sheet, are those your current charges for signs? And, since it allows you to price in LEDs, do you have particular ones you use since you offer 3 options? Do you have links you could share for those products?


Should the “use last home” work if you’re importing gcode and not using an Easel design?

Thanks, Phil, for the post and the reply. What am I doing wrong if it doesn’t work? The one time I trusted it it headed southeast and buzzed through a clamp before I could stop it.

I’m importing gcode from vcarve that otherwise works pretty well, but as you guessed, changing bits and keeping accuracy is a challenge.

Also, if I’m not working straight out of Easel, I don’t get an option to use the probe-- if someone could point me at how to do that I’d appreciate it.

The stepper motor company has the motors for sale but the shipping is really high
Wish it wasn’t $57 to ship!
Same order from Ebay is US $23.00 for shipping.

That’s why the price is so low. They shove the price into the shipping. It’s kinda clickbaity.

You can get them from Amazon from the same company with free shipping.

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Amazon, I paid $98 free ship (not prime)

I found this on eBay, might be an option. I have no idea if this is a reputable seller or a good product, so buyer beware.

I put 4 in my cart and shipping was estimated at $11.39, though that ships from Spring, TX which isn’t too far from me.

Subtotal (4 items): $130.16
Shipping to 75402: $11.39
Sales Tax: $10.60
Discounts: - $13.04
Total: $139.11

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Took a look! Definitely allot easier to find info! Keep up the great work! And thank you for sharing your unlimited amount of knowledge.

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People will find a way! :stuck_out_tongue:

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That was a good idea to put everything in one place. Don’t forget to put a search box on the website :wink:

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yes a site will be better as you can control it better.

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Update on this. I ordered 4 of these for the new CNC and received 1 in the mail today. I sent a message to the seller, but no word back yet. I’ll update this again when I hear from them.

The one that I did receive looks like any other generic stepper, so I’m hopeful it will work out OK when they send me the 3 missing ones.

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The seller responded early the next morning and shipped out the missing 3 motors and controllers. Had then 2 days later.

Hopefully I’ll have the new CNC assembled and running this week.