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Used a different bit . Worked great . But when I went to paint this happened ? Also what type of material should I be selecting for clear plexiglass ?

@PhilJohnson you have previosly said a collet adapter is rubbish. are the elaire collets are different than the precision collets inventables sells?

Acrylic sheet . Sprayed with enamel in Red then 2 weeks later tried to spray with White . Called Rustoleum , they sent me 2 new cans of spray . Trying those this week .

Rustoleum White Enamel and Red Enamel .

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8 mm

is that the correct one to buy for the smaller bits?

Awesome! Sorry for making you say it an eight time :stuck_out_tongue: Hoping this solves my jaged edge issue on my acrylic signs.

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I think most of us are 4 year olds on this forum :stuck_out_tongue: Especially me, I am 23 with no experience with any woodworking or machinery at all, I kind of just dove right in and hoped for the best. Trying to soak in as much information as possible as I go around, I probably ask some dumb questions. I always try to use the search tool as often as possible, as I know it can be frustrating for the big rigs on this forum to have to repeat themselves over and over!

I’ve been using the settings you provided in one of your threads. Only cutting 0.01" deep. I’ve boiled it down to 3 things. I am using extruded acrylic (solved this issue yesturday when I was finally able to source some cast acrylic for half the price out of town in a big city and had 50 pieces shipped to me) Next is the bit, this is the bit I am using ( I also fixed this issue by buying the pack of bits that you recommended. Hoping they show up soon also. Last issue is the collet adapter, I feel like the 90ipm is just to much for this adapter. (Just bought the elaire collet you just linked)

Feed Rate: 90ipm
Plunge Rate: 9IPM
Depth per pass: 0.01

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So what kind of Loctite do I need?


Damn! I like Blue Loctite! Not a fan of Green!

I’m singing: They asked me how I new, all Loctite was Blue!!! OOoh. I of course replied, something loose inside, cannot be denied!

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I’ll keep that in mind when I get the chance to buy vcarve

Here’s a pic of the jagged edges.

Hmm it would still be rasterized even if it was sent through inventables image trace?

No Blue for you!! (Seinfeld reference)

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Hey Phil,

I was wondering if you have seen this for f-engrave before. I am trying to do a 3.5x2 image of my logo (just testing f engrave to see what I can do with it). I started with a vector and changed it to a dxf and bmp. I couldnt get the dxf to load into f-engrave but I got the BMP to upload, however, the quality is absolutely horrible!

The accuracy seems way off and it appears to be missing a lot of the smaller details. Is there a setting I am missing in the software or should I doing something else? Thanks in advance!

@PhilJohnson I may have answered my own question. I changed the vector do about 40in from 3.5in and it cleared up quite a bit. I am assuming it was due to such a low quality BMP.

Illustrator. Will f-engrave actually import a png file?

Wow. Never noticed the pin… :slight_smile:

Great pic btw! Thanks!

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