Phil's help documents and Tutorials

Damnit, never thought to look for it there. Doh!

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How is it supposed to work. The one drop down that I saw didn’t do anything.

Good pic! Explains so much so quickly!


What DOC, IPM and stepover are you using for these bits. Thanks for the info

There you go again with the bit recommendations. Luckily, I already have all of those! :slight_smile:

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…and can’t use that one. (Stock Z)

(But keep them coming anyway - I got paid today!)

Uh oh Phil, I think you’ve been identified as a protestor and are under careful review from now on. :frowning:

i haven’t try vcarve yet so, do you change bit in between carving ?
may you show video of a simple vcarve diy?

I’m in the process of switching from Easel to UGS. I’m using the easel post processor from Vcarve right now. When I start using UGS, is this the PP to use with an X-controller (vs the generic GBRL PP) What exactly does this PP do to the GCode? Thanks for the help.

I’m confused, I thought I use a post processor in Vcarve not in UGS. What post processor should I use within Vcarve when saving toolpaths? Should I use the XCarve one listed here?
Or the one you uploaded on this post?

I wasn’t tracking needing another PP within UGS itself. Did you mean “for” instead of “in”?

Dang Phil… People are going to think your are generous with your information. Great videos.

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Anybody is allowed to gather knowledge and make an even better video… :wink:
Some people request the world to change to their needs… cant fix that. A puppy wont help ether :wink:

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Thanks for the videos and enduring the haters. They need to follow my grandmother’s sage advice: “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.” I don’t think she ever followed that advice, but it’s served me well.

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You should organize this all in a pdf. Maybe inventables will include it with new machines and give you a kickback. I read a lot of your posts before my first carve and I think it has saved me quite a few expensive lessons.


Of course none of your amazing bits for vcarving are available on :frowning: I’ll have to try ebay

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is this a good one?

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If I have a jpeg of a drawing I did, can that be imported to inkscape to trace bitmap? If so, how?

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RE: your bit size adjustment calculator; just need some clarification on how to use.

1 - select the cutout, inside or outside (labeled ‘CUTOUTS’ in the spreadsheet)
2 - enter the desired diameter/height/width of cutout (labeled ‘Drawn Diameter’ in the spreadsheet)
3 - enter the measured(as measured by you with calipers) the diameter of the bit (labeled ‘Listed Diameter’ in the spreadsheet)
4 - enter the actual measurement of a test carve piece using this bit (labeled ‘True Diameter’ in the spreadsheet)
5 - Receive ‘New Bit Diameter’ data.

It’s this new bit diameter you would then use as your bit diameter in your CAM program…Easel, vCarve, etc.

Is this all correct?

Considering the time and effort it takes to make tutorials and guides, I’d like to just say “Thanks, Phil”.


If your ever board and want to do a step by step on importing a stl into fusion 360, and going thru the process to get a good gcode I would definitely look at it over and over. There are a few on the forums but it seems fusion has been updated and doesnt follow exactly. I don’t want one misunderstood part on my end ruining everything.