Phil's linear rail Z axis upgrade

make two :slight_smile:

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This might be worthwhile. I’d go with a plate. Tap and screw from the back on top of carriage on bottom and through back of plate on top into the z. Good idea.

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Do you think changing the 1/4" back plate with a 3/8" back plate would work to stiffen it up?

I don’t think its the 1/4" aluminum that is flexing or that Phil is trying to solidify, it’s bracing the top of the axis to the gantry. Phil loves his .375 aluminum but the axis would still flex the same unless its braced - I think. I’ll let the solidworks guy with the stress analysis software tell me ;).

Thanks. But it’s going to be a bummer trying to bend to correct angles with what I have.

I was looking at ebay. It looks like this Z rail is no longer available.


Guess I’ll start hunting for a substitute.

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If you can keep a similar price point, I’ll order from you Phil!

I assume you will include the spacer and back plates. :wink:

Seriously, I would be thrilled to install a prototype.


If you do, I’ll buy one if it is reasonably priced.

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The quality from MicroCarve was excellent the one listed on ebay from another company seems much lighter duty.

What kind of bearings do those use?

Thinner material then I thought. I thought you where talking 1/4" for the bracket

Looks like 1/8" steel?

Hey Phil, can you post a revised drawing for that back plate? I have a linear rail coming ( got the last one from Ebay guy in Georgia) and want to add this when I do change over. Thanks for all the info,


Ok, that will work. Guess I should quit being lazy and take measurements myself:grin:.
That should be all I need though. Thanks again!!

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Wait, how is that bending with those two, hefty rods and the back-plate?

I can see it when plunging into metals. I have a feeling it is partially accounted for by the x axis rail twisting as well. I will try Phil’s solution this weekend (hopefully) and see how it impacts the situation on my 500 mm machine. I hope it helps!

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I was thinking something like this for the X:
I like the C-beam a lot. This makes me wonder though, would I also want to do something like this for the Y, too, by doing custom end plates.

I think the less wheels with bearings the better. I would just get one of those Ebay Z’s (in hindsight… and I have an extensive ‘hind’… wait that came out wrong).

I have just finished to the axle gig to my new carriage and didn’t have any problem with stress except for my own while trying to bit by bit tighten the nut in the confined space, especially with the nylock nuts. If you have the washer on the outside edge against the carriage frame there won’t be any binding there. And on the inside, the tightening nuts will ride up against the outer bearing flange on the inside axle. I had no binding whatsoever.

I am already good on Z, I am talking about X and Y, and those ebay ones aren’t 1000mm long.