Phil's New Waste Board

I’m considering replacing the whole 2020 frame with a 37x39.3x3/4" aluminum plate, and then bolting all the uprights and t-tracks directly to it.

Wondering if you considered this Phil? Do you see any issues with this idea, other than the higher cost?

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Yes, over 100lbs, and that’s a good thing. Might even go with a 1" thick plate.

The Mic6 cast aluminum plate I’m looking at is intended for use as a tooling base surface. I believe the fab process anneals the material to reduce residual stresses. It shouldn’t warp with temperature. The idea is that this will be the reference which all other elements of the machine will conform to (including the table!). With the base plate I shouldn’t need a perfect table. I’ll just shim the plate to make it level.

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I didn’t think you meant any offense, which is why I posted the meme instead of messaging you personally about it.

I’m glad that your brackets work well for your application. Perhaps you got different ones than I did, or a different manufacturing lot or whatever. In my build, the brackets I got were just slightly thicker than the rails were, which made them stand proud when laid flat.

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Ooooooo… That sucks. Wow. Do you have a screw removing set?

Use water or wd40 and go easy so the shavings don’t gall up. You could try a spiral tap for CNC’ing. They are a bit more money but you can use a impact driver.

You could run down to Home Depot before they close and back that tap out really carefully

Or here’s a fancy idea. Grab a dremel with a cutoff wheel. Grind a slot in the tap and torque it out with a flathead screwdriver.


Let me know if that works!

106.87635 Lbs if I did the math correctly.

Sorry, that’s incorrect. Phil touched it and left a fingerprint. It’s 106.87638 lb!


use Alum to dissolve the tap without harming the aluminium it can be gotten at the grocery store in the seasoning section. build a dam mix alum with hot water and let sit for a day or 2 change out if needed

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still a bit more than if it was made of concrete @94.668lbs

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But the real question is how much does the broken tap weigh?

I just tried using Alum to dissolve a tap last week. Left it in the solution for three days and there was very little progress if any. I did scrape the surface to expose fresh metal on the tap a few times. Not sure why it didn’t work for me.

After breaking off a tap in a nearly finished part last week, I learned that better quality taps are much less likely to snap that are the cheap ones.

Anyone know what brand of taps are tough yet not crazy expensive?

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Throw away the WD40 when tapping aluminum. This is the ONLY stuff to use. :smile:


Fuming nitric acid is often claimed as the solutionto tap removal in aluminium but result seem to vary from partial success to complete failure. Not something most of us have just lying around.

alum and boiling water seems to work but is not for the impatient :grinning:

You really need access to one of these.