Phil's Posts Gone!

A wealth of knowledge has disappeared from this forum. Apparently @PhilJohnson has asked for his account to be removed and posts deleted. His posts have helped me immensely. If you have any of this lost info or files, like phil’s dust boot, that could help others, please share here!

Please obtain permission from Phil before posting any IP. Thank you!

Go here.



Best check with Phil before you post his files here. Some of his stuff is free, but some of it is not.


Yep, he was always good about files but he liked them linked to his site. Unfortunate, but if Phil asked for all his posts to be removed, those files go with it.

Justin Please take these down, Phil has asked for these files not be shared without his approval,

I have purchased many files from Phil and downloaded free ones from his site,all of them have a disclaimer for his license agreement that states sharing any files from his site publicly, is a violation of IP.

@plomac please provide some clarity on this for me.

Apologies for my ignorance Phil and friends. He had openly shared those dust shoe files. I guess if anyone needs they could email him.


Here is a very nice fellow that has published his Dust Shoe for the Dewalt 611 (in CRV format). He also has some nicely done videos showing how it is put together and how well it works.