Phoenix plug pitch? (Was: Missing piece to connect my jtech laser wiring)

I’m trying to connect my new jtech laser on my Xcarve. Only problem is when I tried to connect my laser to the back of my Xcarve controller, I do not have the green connectors that is needed to attach my wires of my laser. What is a good place to find or buy the green connectors with the tiny screws on them?

Phoenix plugs, they come in different pitch (pin2pin distance) and configurations.

Do you know what dimension it is, I saw one in amazon earlier and it was a 5.08 mm. Want to make sure I have the right size.

I dont, but do you have a ruler on hand? Center-Center distance = pitch.
Most Phoenix plugs on drivers like TB6600/Leadshine is 3.81 pitch. Not sure about Xcontroller myself :frowning:

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@HenryTorres. Why not ask the Inventables support team. It goes on their xcontroller. They may even sell them.

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here are the specs on the controller. the plugs are number 1 (4 each) 2 (1 each) 3 (1 each)
(1) is Terminal Block 4C 5mm 12-24AWG plug

(2) is Terminal Block 8C 3.5mm 14-30AWG plug

(3) is Terminal Block 7C 3.5mm 14-30AWG plug

I read this as Terminal Block 4C (4 wires) 5 millimeter 12-24 AWG (wire Size)

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As I was processing every advice you all were giving me, a had some time to call inventables help desk. They were actually able to help me, they sent me what I needed free of charge and quickly. Got it yesterday. They sent me all the terminals needed to attach anything if I ever had anything else to connect. Thanks everyone for your assistance.

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