PhotoVCarve with a Carvey?

Is anyone using Vectric’s PhotoVCarve with a Carvey?

I’m not getting it to import into Easel for carving.

Here’s the process: I load a jpg. PVC asks for the material size. Let’s say 5"x5". I generate an .nc g-code file using the Easel Post Processor. The problem is that it apparently loads the 5x5 material size and the image uses 0,0 as the origin. Of course, this is under the smart-clamp and Easel rejects it.

If I change the origin to outside the smart-clamp area, now the image (still 5x5) is outside the material and Easel rejects it.

I don’t see any way to alter the size/location within PhotoVCarve, but might be missing something. Otherwise, do I have to go into the g-code and edit there?

any hints?

many thanks,

I thought I had done that, but tried it again and it works.
Many thanks!

Robert, are you also a memeber of the ODT? I was hoping to be able to engrave on barrels and build a MAK stock and maybe you could help if this is the same person… Thanks

O.K., Same Avatar si was hoping… Thanks…