If you have been following my adventures in Photovcarve you know that I have been having my problems with it. Tonight I may have had my first success with photovcarve, although it isn’t what I am looking for I may be headed in the right direction. Time will tell!


Robert, Not really. I have been playing around with my depth of cut and line spacing when I noticed in the video that I could see her face? It still isn’t where it needs to be, so more fiddling around to come.

Here is my latest on photovcarve, I don’t know what happened but I lost the fist half of this video during the uploading from my camera. First time that’s happened. Something all the time. Anyhoo this was my first almost successful carving of a photo, will keep trying until I get it right though!

Okay fellas, sorry about the confusion. Thought I had lost my first part of the above (deleted) video, but I found it and have included it here.

Here we go guy’s, finally got a satisfactory, for the most part, result from PhotoVCave!

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Results so far!

Okay fella’s, question? What is the best stain (color) for finishing a photovcarve photo with?

I don’t use photovcarve, but i had a thought. How about staining or painting the poplar first. this way the high points will have the contrast to the lower milled area of the natural wood, hjust a thought


I take this is a ‘black’ stain?

Hello James,
Thanks a lot for sharing these useful results from your experiments with us. Could you please post the comparison of parameters and tools used between at least your first and last run?
Thanks in advance!

I am sorry, but I don’t think I understand what you want? Could you be a little more specific?

Hello James,
What I mean is, if you could please share the settings you used in PhotoVCarve during your first trial and the one that was satisfactory.
I am currently having results similar to your first one.
Thanks in advance,

I only had photovcarve a short time and have since stopped using it.