Pick up at Home Depot

Has anyone ever used the order online pick up in store feature on the Home Depot website?

Yes. Questions about it?

Yep. It works great. Big or small, it’s assembled together and ready when you get there.

A Lowe’s employee once told me a trick that if you’re buying a lot of like landscape pavers or whatever, order it online and pick it up so it’s already pre-counted and waiting for you (i.e. you only have to load into vehicle and not off the shelf)

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I’ve never tried it so I was just wondering how well it actually worked in practice.

Has anyone ever used it for wood that they used on their X-Carve?

Just don’t use it for lumber or plywood or anything that you would want to look over before purchasing.


I see people using it for lumber but that might be general construction where the quality of the piece doesn’t matter.

I’d not trust the person assembling the order to pick the best pieces of lumber to use for carving.

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I am redoing my attic and ordered 50 sheets of drywall… did it online and it was ready when I got there… then had them forklift it to my trailer.

I end up in that store a few times a week, so I also use it to avoid shipping charges for stuff I need that they don’t carry in the store.

Like others have said… I wouldn’t use it on most things I would want to use for carving… but for some sheets of plywood or PVC sheets… etc sure!

I agree with all others. I use it for anything that I don’t want to pick through before purchasing.

The few times I did it at Lowes with dimensional lumber, it seemed like they went to the trouble of picking out the better stuff for me… I was nothing but pleased.

I have used it at lowes, home depot and walmart all seems to work great

but keep in mind if you are ordering material you do not get to select the perfect pieces out of the bunch there usually just through everything on rolling cart and slap your name on it