Picsender bit will not raise to safe height befor carve

I am using PicSender to send code to the x-carve because easel will not load because the script is to long. My question is that in PicSender after I home the bit and send the code to start the carve the bit dose not raise it drags across the wood… How do you set up the code to raise the bit ? you do not have to do this in easel.

Setting a “safety height” is done in the CAM software that you use. What program are you using to generate the G-code?

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I am using Vcarve Pro. The file is an stl. file that I bought online.

The “safety height” is set in Vcarve PRO. Make sure you have a value in there that would clear the material and any clamping you may have to maneuver over.

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Thanks Larry

Larry I looked on Vcarve… would you be talking about the Rapid Z Gaps Above Materials in the material setup?


When you set them up and generate a toolpath file you can check the first 10 to 20 lines (get at least 10 lines beyond the comments) of the G-code to make sure you got it right.

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After I set the Z gap height, generate a tool path and home the bit, will PicSender automatically raise the bit when I start the carve? I use the triquetra for homing the bit.

If your Gcode says to lift the bit, it’ll lift the bit.

It’s not like Easel that does those things as a safety function. Your Gcode should have that line in it and if not, check your Vcarve post processor.

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Thanks,Justin. I have another question… Do I need to save the gcode file in the Picsender post processor? If so how do you add Picsender to the post processor folder? When I want to save my gcode the only option I have is Easel.

PicSender just sends G-code that is produced by other programs. In your case Vcarve PRO generates the G-code file and then you send it to the X-carve using PicSender.

Look on this page to get a PP for Vcarve that will work well with PicSender. Scroll down the page to find the Vcarve stuff. Place the Post Processor in the Vcarve directory as per instructions in that thread.

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