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PicSender G-code sender

With all the problems that I have had with UGS, I could always zero out my machine anywhere that I want by just unlocking the machine with the $X and then go from there.
I must say that’s very handy.

I run Windows 10
And I have the laptop set to not shut off when it is plugged it to an outlet.

Nobody is butting in.
I sincerely appreciate anybody’s input.

As much as I enjoy this new endeavor, I have been very frustrated at times.
Hence the rant at times.

Windows 10 will still shut off the USB port “to save power” you still need to disable that.

Solution 2

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You need to have a good understanding of the relationship between Machine Zero and Work Zero, and how you can establish each one of them and what effect they have in setting up your machine for a particular task.

You can use your machine effectively without homing, but it is much easier if you do home the machine each time you connect to grbl, hence the Alarm state when you connect to grbl with homing enabled.

If you need help with this let’s take it to another thread.

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Scroll down in your gcode file and look at the last Z axis move at the end of the file. That is where your Z axis is. If you select the Goto 0 for Z, it will go to Z zero at the jog feedrate you set below the yellow Mode button and then the DRO will zero out. You can change the jogging mode with that yellow button to either G90 (Absolute) or G91 (Incremental) and set the distance to jog for the Z axis between the Z+ & Z- jog buttons. After you jogged Z to where you want the new zero, select Zero Z again. The axis DROs are only for manual jogging and the Move X/Y/Z menu.

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Shouldn’t the readout tell me the (true) position of the spindle at any given time?
In UGS, when the program ends, the readout will tell me where the spindle is at that the time the machine shuts down.
It will go to X-0, Y-0, Z-.5 (or whatever the dimension is)
From there, I can make a depth adjustment and resend the program to cut deeper.

I get the feeling that I’m not explaining myself right.
Its time for me to check out for the evening.
I will have to pick this up tomorrow.
I appreciate everyone’s input, thank you.

You are explaining yourself pretty well, but as Larry pointed out, it is very difficult to follow a constantly and rapidly changing forum thread.

Jan, I promise that we all understand the frustrations new users have becoming proficient with their cnc systems. It is a very complex activity, and takes patience above all else, and ranting is rarely (never?) acceptable on a forum. On this forum, as you can clearly see, the members frequently stop what they are doing to help a fellow member in trouble. This is the best operating forum I have seen in my 15 years of working with my cnc hobbies.

PicSender is specifically written so that it can stream very large and fast moving gcode files. As such, it does not (and can not) utilize position reports from Grbl as other programs do, because that Grbl function (position feedback) can not keep up with very fast, short axis movements. That is why PicSender does not offer that feature. If that is a function/feature you must have, then use of another sender is probably your best bet.

As to reporting position at program end, I am looking into that as I write. Hopefully it will be included in the next update.

And Robert, I was typing this as you posted, honest, but you can take credit for the program end position suggestion. :grinning:

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good morning all,
Robert, I see that you understand my issue of the Z position not being shown.
I also understand your workaround and I’m going to try that today.
Also’ I did look at the file that I was using and the last Z command is .500
Again, In my estimation, when the program is complete, the readout should show X-0, Y-0, Z- .500
But like I said, I will try you workaround today.

Now, if only I could use the $X and efficiently move my machine to a position and zero out X, Y, Z.

Start a new thread.


Try this version.


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I downloaded it.
Do I have to enter my license again?

No, just install.

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So I ran my bottom surfacing program and when it finished the readout showed X-0, Y-0, Z-.500
I moved the Y 3.0 to get the machine away from the material.
I brought the Z down until it read zero.
I then jogged down another .010, called that my new Z-0 and re-ran the program.
Absolutely perfect…
Thank you.

And my eyes thank you for changing the color LOL…


So I’m happily cutting along and suddenly

I get this message and the machine stops.
Any thoughts?

Select the Vector Gcode box and rerun.

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I recommend you set a Safe Z distance so if you Cancel your job, the Z will retract there before returning to the X&Y zero positions. If not, your cutter may break by plowing through the material.

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So I shut it down and reposted the program with the post processor that you shared the other day.
Found my X,Y,Z, zero again and ran the program.
No problems.
That was a roughing cut for a 3D carve.
I also reposted the Finishing past with your post processor and it is currently running.

What does the Vector Gcode box do?

Yes, I need to set a safe Z.
The machine did in fact stop in the material.

The Safe Z only retracts the tool when Cancel is selected while running a job . If there is a grbl error, it will just stop where it’s at and you will have to jog the tool out of the material.

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The Vector Gcode box bypasses some proprietary code in PS used only for laser engraving images. Just leave it selected for all your spindle gcode files.

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