Picsender gcode

I am having trouble getting Picsender to run Triquetra. I can get the g code loaded, jog the machine manually but I can’t figure out how to get the program to run by its self to complete setup. Please help!

Are you selecting Send after loading the gcode?

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Yes but the machine is not responding.

I notice that there are spaces between some of the gcode in Triqutera. When I copy and paste the gcode to Picsender the spaces are no longer there. Will this change the gcode command in any way?

There is no direct place to paste the gcode in PicSender. That is not what the Do Cmd. is for. Did you open up the Editor, paste the gcode, Save As to a named file, load the file then Send?

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Yes, I copied, pasted and saved as a text file. Then I moved it to my gcode folder. I opened Picsender loaded the file and then hit send. Nothing happens.

Do you have Homing enabled and Homed you machine first?

Yes I homed the machine first, then hit send.

I just loaded another gcode file that I saved from V carve and it worked. There must be something wrong with the text file document.

I don’t have a clue what could be causing it as I don’t use a Triquetra.

Calling @CharleyThomas & or @JohnChamplain

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How do you zero your machine?

My Shapeoko 2 is a laser engraver and I use the laser beam to find the edge of the material, then select the Zero X/Y/S button. There is no Homing switches either. I use a bump stop instead for consistency when changing the material.

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Okay thanks I don’t know what is going on hopefully someone who has had figured this can help. If not then I wasted $30 on the Triquetra.

I think this is a problem requiring Charley’s input. It most assuredly is not PicSender or Charley’s code.

Please post the exact gcode (or a link) you are using, and I can try it this afternoon.

I use a Triquetra with PicSender on my SO2, but I use PicSender’s built-in functions with it, not Charley’s code.

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Here is a copy of the gcode from Charley’s online spread sheet that i have trying to use.

G92 X0
G92 Y0
G92 Z0
G38.2 X-0.5F5
G92 X2.0005
G91 G0 X0.5
G91 G0 Y1
G91 G0 X-1
G38.2 Y-1 F5
G92 Y2.1295
G91 G0 Y0.125
G91 G0 Z0.9
G91 G0 Y- 0.625
G38.2 Z-1 F5
G92 Z0.825
G91 G0 Z0.125
G91 G0 Y1 X1

I just came in from running Charley’s code with PicSender on my SO2. The code runs perfectly.
I use a Uno and GShield, and I tested with Grbl 1.1d edge version.

If you can better describe your setup, it may help someone to find your problem.
What controller are you running?
What version of Grbl?
What are your Grbl settings?


I am using the new x controller. Whatever grbl that was loaded.

Not sure what settings.

I can’t help with the X-Controller, but pictures of your wiring and such may help another user who probes with one spot a problem.

I’m sure Charley will be around before long to help.


In PicSender, after you press the “open” button you should see a display similar to the one below. That will tell you what version of grbl you are running.

You can press the yellow GRBL button to view the settings (after the GRBL button press green “Display Settings”).