Picsender issue

X carve, Xcontroller, Vcarve Desktop, Picsender.

This combination has been working great for me until yesterday. Picsender stopped halfway through a very simple toolpath. It stops in exactly the same spot repeatedly.

I have recalculated the toolpath and resaved it in Descktop and it previews correctly. But when executed in Picsender it continues to stop in the same incomplete spot. I changed tools and cut the remaining toolpaths to see if have a consistent, larger problem of some sort, but the other toolpaths cut correctly and completely.

I re-zeroed everything and tried the offending tool path again with the same results. The tool path cuts correctly until it stops, as if complete. Nothing seems to freeze or lock up. It just quits carving.

I don’t see where to upload a pic of the screen when it quits carving, but it is fairly banal. No warnings, or errors. It just stops.

Any thoughts?

Upload the gcode, there is probably something odd in there.

Not real sure how to do that, but I’ll try. Will it open in a text editor?

What would cause what seems to be an anomaly in the gcode?

Do you want the file itself, or the text?

Notepad can open gcode. The text is fine if a small file, otherwise the file is better.

You can probably work out which part of the code it stops at based on the co-ordinates of the router where is when it stops.

What are the X and Y distances from zero where it stops?

More than happy to assist you to a resolution, Ward. Please contact me via email at:

Just a though since I had a similar problem and figured out it was my own stupidity. I had my soft limits set wrong so my machine was triggering it and stopping in the same point of the carve every time because it thought the Z was going further than it should.

I have no doubt it’s my own stupid. I don’t have limits on my machine, so it’s some other stupidy in this case.

Thanks. When get back to it I’ll get in touch with you. I really like your pruduct, and I don’t doubt that it’s my own doing.

I’ve gotten the file open but it’s all Greek to me. As far as X, Y from 0 it’s only a couple of inches in either direction, and right on path. Just quits. I’m gonna look it over some more. My frustration has wained somewhat and I can look at it again with a fresh attitude.

Alas, stupidy is the culprit again.

When I noticed my “problem” two things stood out to me. 1) The carve was incomplete. 2) the carve finished much sooner than expected, but looked accurate in terms of toolpath.

I air cut the tool path and carefully watched the progress bar. It finished at 100%. I rechecked AGAIN the tool path and discovered that I had set my DOC one pass too light. Picsender did EXACTLY as instructed.

Computers and software are not infallible, but usually less so than me.

I apologize for having wasted your time, and thank you all for responding. I appreciate the willingness and availability of everyone here.


Thank you very much Ward for the feedback. It is much appreciated.
All the best,