Picsender slow to open

Picsender is very slow to open, is this a common problem or is there something I am missing, I am using windows 10 and everything else opens quickly

What do you consider slow?
I use it too and it takes only ~5 seconds

I consider 5 seconds is fast, when I double click on it sometimes it opens after 1 minute,but most times it does not open until I double click it again, so anything from 1-3 minutes

Patrick, sounds like maybe your computer is just one of the slower ones in handling the file operations PicSender uses to set up your grbl system at startup. I have one older laptop that acts similar to yours. And the issue probably is associated with the hard drive type used in some laptop computers.

Okay John thank you, it is not a major issue, I did think that it was my computer, I usually leave it open now , just minimize it

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