Picture frame for mother's day gift

Grab yourself some glazer’s points, they’re my favourite way of putting in a picture. I do small frames for my wife’s paintings and stuff all the time. I typically use a piece of masonite or stiff cardboard behind the art, then just put in a couple glazer’s points. I actually have a little staple-gun-thing that does that for me, but they’re easily installed by hand as well.

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Well there 'ya go, then! Pocket the back out and add a teardrop clamp or something, you have enough room! :smiley:

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thats cool. You using the same bit you made the key chains with?

I like it! That’s going to be cool.

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Very Nice!
My first attempt at using the digital wood joints did not work out.
But this inspires me to keep trying.!:slight_smile:

Can you share the easel files for this?