Picture frame

Please help about cutting picture frame

What software you’re using, what is the size you want to frame, how thick material you’re planning to use, which spindle/router you have.

I see your other post. You are Easel user. Add more info, someone will help you. I use Vcarve Pro.

I´m planning to do a picture frame but don´t know how to do it in easel .
I´m going to frame a cutting horse
but I don´t like to buy a frame, it´s more fun to do it by my self :slight_smile:

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the material is ASH wood
and the thicknes is about 12 mm
I have a DeWalt

Vcarve will do a profiled moulding / like frame. All you needs is a profile. Very cool new feature.

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You ask a very broad question, you say “picture frame” - do you mean a simple rectangular frame with lip to insert picture, or a frame with an odd shape, or curved profiling? Images to show so we can see what you mean?

Generally a picture frame would be fairly straight forward in Easel and with a initial grasp on how Easel work would go a long way :slight_smile: Have you started using Easel / x-carve?

You will need a router setup to do the cuts for the glass inset.
You can use the machine to do it but it will take you a bit of time to figure it out.

simple rectangular frame with lip to insert picture

Quick take.

Built up by using 4 rectangels:
1 - Outside frame cut, path set to outside
2 - Inside frame cut, path set to cut inside
3&4 - Lip / recess, consist of two rectangulars where the bigger one is set to “fill” and the small one “fill” and zero cut depth. These two are then combined to create a lip vs milling out the entire inside.

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Thank´s Haldor
I´ll give it a try
first I have to convert it to metric


Only the name of the file is in imperial, the file itself is metric (you can toggle between metric/imperial with the box found at the bottom left of Easel)

Just used this method to do an insert for a router table plate. Thanks!

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