Pimp my X-Carve

It would have been cool to have a new category: Pimp my X-Carve

Here we can show off all those cool XC builds with bling bling, lights, colors, boxes, stands, wiring, sounds, controller boxes, dust systems, and all other special and remarkable things done out there :smile:

I know we have categories for XC and Projects etc., but none just for show off of the custom machine builds.
This could be the inspiration hive to visit :smile:

Pictures and videos will be important in this category.

What do you think of this sugestion?

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As someone who’s into computer modding, I think it’s a great idea to have a “Pimp my X-Carve” category!

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Someone already started this kind of thread, even with almost the exact thread title:

It’s always great to see what people come up with for mods!


I agree, it one of my favourite things to do is see what people have done to their machines! The is so much you can do!

Ultimately I think the upgrades category is probably the best place for this.

There is a whole bunch I want to do to mine, but getting the garage cleaned up for winter is taking a bit of priority these days, soon though!

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