Pine Speeds/Cuts

Brand new and I’ve been combing the forum and find a lot of different insight but wanted to check with yall more seasoned people! I haven’t changed any feed settings yet and have always used auto. I’d like to try a bigger cut but would like to reduce a 3 hour cut to much less. I am using pine.

Easel does not have a pine option or recommended cut setting built in. I am wishing to cut through .75" but feel the “recommended” speed for Maple might be a little too slow. I didn’t think birch plywood setting would be the better choice over maple but??? maybe??

I changed the settings to:
Feed Rate: 40 in/min
Plunge Rate: 9 in/min
Depth per Pass: .09

Using a 1/8" 4 flute upcut. RPM 10k I believe.

Reduced from 3 hours to 40 minutes.

Is that too aggressive? TIA for any insight you guys can offer.

I never used the recommended settings they are very conservative. It all depends on how well you have your machine dialed in, how new your bits are and if you have done any of the upgrades to stiffen your rails. Run a small test project to see how it performs. You can start out at 20 in/min and then use your +/- buttons during the carve to bring it up a little at a time to see how it reacts.


I didn’t know about ANY of these things. (Changing settings during print, upgrades, etc.) Thank you! More to research.

After you start your carve there is a +/- button at the top next to it. You can increase up to 200% and decrease to 0.

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40 inches per minute has worked fine for me in pine. I’m taking 1mm depth 228mm/min plunges. I’m using the dewalt 611 and the 1/8" two flute gets a little twangy, so I dial the spindle up just a little bit till the twang clears. The larger the bit, the slower the spindle needs to run to achieve the same cut. I also used the same speed and feed for the single flute carbide rougher as well. Both end mills were up cut. Youll push up a fuzzy burr at the top edge of the pocket or cut if the spindle speed is too high. Slow it down a bit and it will almost go away. Almost.

I used a 4 flute 1/4 center cut carbide end mill to rough some pine the other day… the bottom of the pocket was smooth like glass… lowest spindle speed, feed was 700mm/min and plunge rate was 228mm/min plunge depth was 0.6mm.

I dont typically push the plunge rate any faster than I can adjust during the cut. I leave it at default. I’ve always hated a straight down plunge rather than a ramp.

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That’s who I messaged cant seem to get them to respond. How big is yours and what did it cost? You wouldn’t happen to have an email address for someone there would you?

They have a store in Orlando, Florida at a mall. I bought mine there while at a conference. Maybe see if they will do an order over the phone? Mine is 36x36 and was a few hundred.

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