Pivit piece cuts

I am new to using a cnc and know nothing about cad and easel. I am trying to make a jig for angles where one point of arm is fixed and the other moves along cut grove. I have tried to make this without success. I cant make the perfect grove where my bolt will slid inside the channel without getting hung up. can anyone help

Could you post a picture and the size of what you’re looking for?

im just trying to make a segmenting sled for turning

something like this

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Give this a try, I made it 24 inches but you can resize it.
Good Luck

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thank you. is there a way to learn how to do this. “give a man a fish…” lol. would love to know

I used CorelDraw to design the sled, do you use any other program besides Easel? I was looking at some of the sleds online and you could cut in a grove as wide as the table saw slot and it would be easy to line it up. I have seen
the sleds online but didn’t know what you were talking about at first. Practice in which ever software that you are using and you will understand one day. Phil uses Easel and inkscape and has a bunch of videos on how to use them.

In Easel create a circle that has the radius you need.
Then make another small circle to represent your pivot.
Select them both and align them centered to each other. This will center your pivot in the circle.
Now make squares set to zero depth to cover the parts of circle you do not need. They work like erasers.
Look on youtube for Easel tutorials.